Saturday, November 04, 2006

Diary of a Birthday: Pt1 (Before?)

29 Today, last year of my 20's as my sister Karen had great pleasure in pointing out, as a kid I used to think that was old, but now I'm there I like to think I'm just getting in my prime... I remember when I was 20 and thinking things such as if I were in the NBA I'd be one of the youngest players in the league, and then thinking that there was still plenty of time to realise that. Or maybe I could of been one of the youngest Pixar animators. But neither of those things happened, but plenty of other stuff did and getting there was half the fun.

Ok so I'm not entirely sure whats going on tonight, I know that Jeff and possibly Jolyne have something planned, but he's refused to let me in on it. Thanks to Mum, Dad, and Family for the cards, and a big thanks to Saima for my Stevie Gerrard autobiography, which I opened whilst watching Liverpool play Reading on Sportsnet this morning (very fitting).

I'm off to town in a bit, since it was payday yesterday I'm going to go and spend some money, and probably get my suit dry cleaned for the wedding in a couple of weeks. So this is before as I wanted to post something on my birthday, and I'm sure that the next post will have pictures of whatever it is we do.


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