Saturday, November 18, 2006

Gordon Wedding: The Party

Saima dancing, not sure who this guy is though.

After all the ceremony and dinner, it was time to celebrate the Gordon's union, with a good ole party, I loved how the whole day saw us going between the 2 main rooms, it was a really good way of meeting mingling, as whilst we would be in the second room having a drink and talking, our hosts would magically transform the main room for the next stage of the day.

Kate and Ben, he said she tasted of strawberries.

So the bride and groom had their first dance, I apologise as I can't remember what it was, Andy's brothers kid was dancing with his brother, in try Peter Kay style, doing knee slides. Whilst the rest of us were laughing a joking around. The drink was flowing and again Ben and Huw had me in stitches, the great thing about today was that it felt like we were back at university.

I'm lucky to have such good friends, the ironic thing is that James and Andy were the 2 first people I met at university, when I say the first people I literally mean as soon as I had arrived and went straight down to the freshers party, James was the first person I was introduced too, the second... Andy. The rest is history, which ultimately led to today, turns out I actually met Justin as well that night, but it wasn't until he moved in with us after a drunken coversation in the old nightclub I used to work in, that we met the Justin we all know now. After 9 years we're all still great friends and I was really glad to be with them all today.

Sharon, a friend of ours from Bristol, was on our table.

Justin with what appears to be a fireball in his hand.


At 6:58 AM, Anonymous huw said...

arent you a nice boy.. :-D


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