Monday, December 25, 2006

Zadziuk Family Christmas

Welcome to the Zadziuk's


A close up of the little men that lived on my mums christmas setup.

Gratutious nan kissing me shot.

The table, mum was proud and you have to admit it is pretty good

Front room on christmas morning

Christmas in my family has always been a pretty big deal, this year wasn’t going to be any different. Last year I spent it away from home, as did my dad due to his job. But this year we were both back in the country and Mum was going to pull out all the stops to make sure that we all had a great time.

From the picture above it may appear that we go a little overboard, I want to let it be known that a lot of these presents will more than likely be Pringles, Chocolate wrapped up in various different ways and little trinkets for each of our homes, be in Bolton, Southport or Montreal.

Christmas eve is usually spent with Karen Roberts and friends having a few cheeky drinks, but this year I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t a slobbering mess at the dinner table which I have to admit I have been close to a couple of times. Especially with my nan coming round I’d have to be on top form. She seemed to have a great time and was at the Warnicks within minutes of walking in the door.

Presents covered the front room and with the family getting bigger seemingly each year it was getting difficult to know where to put everything, throwing the paper into the middle of the room for the dog to plough through is always fun, except this year, Karen (my sister) decided to test her attack alarm, which lets out a high pitched shreek when you press it. Anyone that has a dog knows that they aren’t a big fan of high pitched noises and I think that we found the much fabled yellow version of the brown note, which saw her letting herself go… albeit on all the newspaper and wrapping paper thrown into the middle of the room.

Plenty of baileys, stella, and various other alcoholic beverages later, we had finished unwrapping presents, fingers covered in newsprint, floor covered in paper and a pile of empty disgusing boxes on the sofa. A load of effort from my mum, my dad spending hours perfecting his wrapping technique, Emma (older, younger sister) making sure every one of her presents matched and worked together, and me after flying in on the 21st wrapping my presents to family at the last minute. This year was a truly fun Christmas.

Enjoy the pictures, hopefully will give you a flavour of what we’re about.


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