Saturday, December 23, 2006

Liverpool v Watford: Trip to Anfield

The view from our seats in Anfield, the opposite end to the Kop.

The red's have been flying of late, and I mentioned to my Dad about going to a match, as we aren't generally in the same country at the same time, I thought that it would be a good idea that we both went to Anfield to see Liverpool take on Watford. Dad, I and Saima are all avid red's fans but have only see a handful of games together, with me actually not seeing any with Saima, we would usually be texting each other from different bars, the most memorable one being the Champions League Final in 2005 and the last being the FA Cup Final this year against West Ham, which has now become known as "The Gerrard Final".

As you can see from the above picture we had seats right behind the goal, which as luck would have it was the end that Liverpool scored both times in the second half to secure a 2 - 0 win. With Craig "No neck" Bellamy and Xabi Alonso scoring. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the Kop was in full voice (mainly during the second half). I actually missed the first goal as I didn't stand up quick enough and everyone in front jumped out of their seats obscurring my view, but I made sure that I caught the second goal, and was in a great mood after seeing my first Anfield win, putting us solidly in third place and that all important Champions League spot.

Me outside the Kop stood next to the Bill Shankly statue.

No explanation needed.

The Hillsbourgh memorial by Shankly gates.

You can't visit Anfield without paying your respects to the memorial near Shankly Gates, this is to remember the people lost whilst Liverpool played an FA Cup semi-final in 1989, and saw many Liverpool fans crushed after the stadium was overcrowded and couldn't escape past the barriers surrounding the pitch. These barriers no longer exist in Football around England.


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