Saturday, December 16, 2006

Ubisoft V EA Montreal Basketball Game

The victorious Ubisoft Montreal team

A while back I started organising some casual pickup basketball games, it was born out of my need to play, and I was having trouble finding a good place to play, we've had a really good turn out over the past year and have gotten a regular set a players. Anyway word got around to EA Montreal that we had a team and they challenged us to a game, hopefully this will turn into a series between us, them and any other games companies in Montreal.

So we played them on Wednesday in a semi-casual pride only game... But that doesn't mean that it wasn't competetive. Anyway that knows me or has seen me play will know what I'm like when I'm playing basketball however serious the game is. Fair enough the game was a little scrappy but we came out of it the eventual victors. We played well as a team and our experience together showed, especially when we played the second half and were more comfortable.

Next year should be fun as we'll be playing for more than pride.


At 4:43 PM, Blogger BLOGGO BRAD said...

Oh that's Great!!
You start up an inter-company b-ball rivalry after I leave....

Of course, I might have been considered a handicap and it might have been a good call on your part.

Congrats on the win



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