Sunday, December 03, 2006

Snows here, so is the Christmas spirit.

It's about time... Here comes the snow.

Weekend of ups and downs:


  • Lost my wallet in a bar.
  • It's snowing and cold
  • Hungover on Saturday morning


  • Lisbon's back, about double the size. Where's he been?
  • Won a my fair share of pool games, think I'm getting better.
  • Watched An evening with Kevin Smith 2: Evening Harder (Very funny)
  • Restored my faith in humanity when my wallet appeared in my post box*
  • Chilled and caught up on some much needed sleep.

* So here's the story, not that exciting but I thought that I'd share this with you. So a bunch of us were out for Harry's leaving do, he's off to California in a couple of weeks. Things got a little messy, which isn't unusual. But somewhere along the line I lost my wallet, the annoying thing is I kinda had a good idea where it was but it was nowhere to be found. Gutted.

So the harsh reality of everything in there kicks in, I realized that I was going to have to get new versions of pretty much all of my I.D. But there is nothing that can be done about it until Monday, so no point in worrying and just get on with it, something was telling me that there was no need to. Because I meet Jolyne, Paul and Jeff for breakfast on Sunday morning, and then as I'm walking back, I start to have a feeling that it'll turn up somewhere really stupid, or I'll see it on the floor on my walk back to my place.

I get back and something tells me to check my post box on a Sunday, and lo and behold, theres my wallet staring back at me, I open it thinking that stuff will be missing, not only was nothing missing, but my coffee card was still in there and even my stamps. Everything... (I would returned the wallet but would of at least taken the stamps), but I think that that says more about me than anything else.

Anyway if by some bizzare reason if that person reads this, cheers fella. Much appreciated.


At 7:56 AM, Anonymous lil sis kazz said...

and wot makes u think it was a fella? think it must b a cat ting as well, becoming twice the size in autumn/winter, peppa is suddenly put on like a stone and is not so fast and nimble no more.


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