Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ubisoft Christmas Party 2006: Acrobat

Ubisoft didn't go to the level it went last year with the cinema, free pop corn, candy floss, semi-naked dancers, free bar and other random events, but they did lash out the acrobats again, which was pretty cool. Here you can catch the end of the performance.

The girls came with us this year, there was plenty of dancing, was good to see people from work outside of work, one of the highlights of the night was the candy room which someone had to point out to me, but as soon as it was I was on a mission promoting it, everyone had to know about the magical CANDYLAND!!!!! CAN-DY everywhere, I mean bowls full of jelly beans, some sort of sugar bacon looking thing, as Jez pointed out they were missing some essentials, fruit salads and black jacks being a notable omission. But hey, there was still loads of candy....


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