Monday, December 19, 2005

45cm of snow.

Montreal Parc Wilfred Laurier (Near my place)
Now don't get me wrong, I've seen snow before, but that's British snow, you know the kind of snow that doesn't really stick and just ends up melting after half an hour. So no chance to make snow-angels or any of those other snow based activities.

Well now I can truely say I've popped my snow-cherry, upon waking up last thursday morning, I found that nearly 45cm of snow had fallen that night, I've since been told that this is extreme even for Montreal, but all the same it still took me over 40 minutes to walk to work as opposed to my usual 20 (In fairness I was taking my time and couldn't help but be curious as to what would happen if I jumped in some of the deeper parts).

At the moment, I'm loving the snow and I'm well prepared for the forthcoming winter freeze, but I have a feeling my opinion will change somewhat by 2006.


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