Friday, November 11, 2005

5 Months today

Time flies when you having fun, and so much has changed for me since June. I've had my first summer here, and now we are entering into winter, I have been warned about how cold it's going to get. With people telling me that eventually I will look FORWARD to -5. Happy Days!!!

5 months since my I moved to Montreal and having a whale of a time so far. Here are a few things I've learnt along the way, that you might find interesting:

Get a credit check before you come out (easier to get a credit card once your here)

The accent will only get you so far.

Montreal is a place of extremes, when it’s hot it damn hot, when it’s cold… well I’ve heard it get pretty darn cold.

Converting Pounds to Canadian Dollars makes you feel rich.

Long distance phone cards are you friend.

Don’t phone home to England or Toronto for that matter from your hotel room (see above)

Air conditioning is a god send.

Jaffacakes are awesome, bring some over if you come to visit, I'll love you forever.

I love breakfast over here, so many choices not enough hours in the morning.


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