Friday, January 20, 2006


Ubisoft evaluates its employees twice yearly once in July and again in January. So with the New Year comes a chance to sit down with our Leads and discuss how well we have performed, where we can improve and set goals for the forthcoming 6 months.

I feel mine went pretty well, with me receiving a lot of good feedback from Sylvain. Your performance is marked on a scale of 1 – 5

1. Does not meet requirements
2. Partially meets requirements
3. Meets requirements
4. Surpasses requirements
5. Constantly surpasses requirements

I managed to receive a good spread of 3’s and 4’s across all catagories, but the thing I find strange with this process is that once your superior has graded you, it then has to be justified to the HR dept, what they have to do with the process is anybodies guess, but that is part of the process.

This evaluation bodes well for my career here at Ubisoft, but only time will tell how far I can advance.


At 8:46 AM, Blogger ntmb said...

it's always been a point of contention at Ubi... the system that they have and use is totally redundant! I know i used to work in HR and its got fuck all to do with them other than the level parts of it!!!

What_really_happens... well your Producer is given a bank of money and allowed to hand it out. If your Producer likes you then you get a good raise, if they don't you'll just get the company raise (about 3%) and nothing else!!

Fun ain't it. I think i jumped 6 odd thou and a level, only after threatening to quit and kill peoples first born children with rabid dogs.

Tis one of the reasons that i'm not at Ubi anymore, i can do the work, i just don't like fighting to be noticed and to be evaluated fairly!!!

Mind you i'm great, ladies all love me and i can drink loads

(i'm going back to sleep now)


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